How External Conflicts impact Internal Conflicts

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The perception of thought and observation of the stories contains external conflicts that will enforce feelings for the internal conflict. In Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela’s life changes drastically with his father’s lost title, which leads to a new, positive environment for Mandela. The protagonist, Mandela, and his father were both in a high status but are now living in Qunu as regular people of the village. Mandela creates new toys for himself and plays with village boys. Although his bonds with his father are not very powerful, Mandela enjoys his new life. On the other hand, in “The Death Of A Tree”, Teale demonstrates the imagery of a dying tree and the importance of what it means to one family. The stories “The Death of A Tree and “A Long Walk To Freedom” have internal conflicts which demonstrates Mandela’ feelings towards his father, on the other hand the external which is the relationship between the death of the tree and the family loss.
Mandela struggles to create a close bond with his father creating an internal conflict. As he is placed in an new environment h...
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