How Effective are Preventive Methods in Reducing Dental Cavities?

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Thesis: *Education of new parents is the best way to reduce the spread of dental caries

Although cavities can be restored it does not stop the caries (another word for cavity) from being the most common disease in dentistry; because this bacteria can always attack again either on the same tooth or on other teeth.

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How effective are preventive methods in reducing dental cavities?

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Are cavities a common disease?

Cavities is a infectious disease meaning that this is a disorder caused by organisms, for example bacteria is one. An infectious disease can occur in people of all ages as in toddlers all the way to adults. Many experts and doctors that have studied dental caries said you can “catch a cavity” just like you can “catch a cold” said Anahad O’Connor. Also it was said that “Tooth decay is a common disorder, second only to the common cold” said Anahad O’Connor meaning if everyone can contract a cold, you can also contract a tooth decay.The cause of this is not only by food or not brushing right nor flossing but bacteria causes this. People who are infected with cavities have infected saliva which means they are carrying a bacteria that will cling to your teeth and feed on the plaque that you’ve created by eating your last meal, plaque comes from bacteria that creates by eating sugars. Though cavities are usually found in children and young adults, any person can get them. When going to a dentist appointment, hygienists and adults should be the one to educate young children who are not yet educated on their teeth so they do not continuously get cavities. When it comes to young adults they’re are busy doing their own things and working and going out making them careless about ...

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