How Does Whcliff Bleak Yet Memorable?

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Bleak Yet Memorable Emily Bronte relates the setting of the novel to what actions are presently occurring within the characters. The weather mocks the behaviors of the characters as well as the moors, which behave similarly to Catherine. Eventually she will be buried beside the moors allowing the appearance to change after she passed. A negative energy easily evident in the novel is Heathcliff, who disrupted not only the outward structure of Wuthering Heights but also the weather and appearance of the moors within the novel. The moors were discussed throughout the book and discussed how Heathcliff and Catherine first fell in love beside them, which began the downfall of the entire setting and appearance of the moors. Heathcliff disturbed Catherine’s deceased body by digging up her grave so that he may reside by her side when he passes, which caused disruption in the story between the spiritual and physical side of humanity. In Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights”, she displays a constant emphasis of the significance that the setting of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange have on the characters as well as the describes dramatic changes in weather which coincided within the story’s plot. Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff’s dwelling place whom he shared with his son Linton and Hareton, underwent the most significant change since the Earnshaw’s resided there. Wuthering, by definition, is a wild wind blowing strongly with a roaring sound. This shows the readers that the residents of each property also reflect the character’s behavior and actions that dramatically affects the appearance of the properties and a change in weather. But Mr. Heathcliff forms a singular contrast to his abode and style of living. Wuthering Height... ... middle of paper ... The moors quickly changed to a more appealing nature compared to when Catherine and Heathcliff were separated. Wuthering Heights embodied more sorrow, strenuous feelings mainly taken from Heathcliff that poisoned the rest of the residents that stayed there. Heathcliff’s character was revengeful and deceitful which caused everyone to have little trust in him adding more tension and anger to the atmosphere of the house. Thrushcross Grange had a more positive feel to it because the residents inside had less worries and work to achieve. The Linton’s focused on their lifestyle and did what made them happy which to them meant less work and more family events. Emily evidently uses the setting of each property as well as the moors to directly relate the behavior and actions the character’s in her novel “Wuthering Heights,” portrays compared to their personalities.

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