How Does Things Fall Apart Change

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552 words

In life change is always occurring. People change, ideas change, and there is nothing one can do about it. There is no way to prevent it even though some people would prefer things to stay the same. When change does occur to those people, they do not know how to respond to it. In “A rose for Emily,” Emily Grierson loses her father. She has a hard time understanding he is gone, and becomes isolated. In “Things Fall Apart,” Okonkwo gives up when he sees that his clan will not fight the white men who had taken over their land. Both Emily and Okonkwo struggle with the changes occurring in their lives, and because of them they died alone. Living without her father was a huge change for Miss. Emily. She had a hard time coming to terms with his death and refuses to acknowledge his death. She keeps his body for three days until she is ready to bury him. After his death, she becomes isolated from everyone else. Never leaving her house and not having any communication with the outside world. She went on living her life secluded until the day she died. When …show more content…

Okonkwo wanted to fight back, and he believed that the men in his clan were strong enough to do so. He sees them as men of honor, and not coward like the other tribes who did not defend themselves. But when he learns that his people plan on doing nothing, he is ashamed and disappointed. He had always seen his clan as strong but now they were turning into cowards. This change in behavior surprises him. Everyone was becoming weak like his father. Weak was the one thing he was afraid of becoming. When he kills one of the missionaries and no one joins him he leaves. The white men go looking for him only to find out that he had ended his own life. No one was willing to fight beside him, so there was no use in fighting anymore. He also knew the white men were coming for him, and he would rather die than be forced to live with the white

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that change is always occurring in life, and there is no way to prevent it, even though some people would prefer things to stay the same. in "a rose for emily," emily grierson loses her father.
  • Narrates how miss. emily's life was secluded until her father died. she kept her grief to herself and her thoughts filled her brain, just like okonkwo.
  • Analyzes how okonkwo was shocked when the white men in "things fall apart" began taking over all the tribes they came across.
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