How Does Team Rocket Blast Off Again

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Andy Huang Professor Shaked Physics 6A Lecture 2 Dis C 15 April 2014 Team Rocket Blasts Off Again! Real World Application (To be honest, I think I spent far too long on this: over 3 hours.) Team Rocket is a group of bad guys who steal others' Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise. However, like many other bad guys, these ne'er-do-wells are hardly ever successful and their plots usually get foiled by a small, electric mouse we all know and love as Pikachu. After Team Rocket's plans get ruined, Pikachu sends them flying with its electric powers. We, as Pokémon fans, watch the anime and know that sometimes, not everything shown is physically possible in real life, such as how Team Rocket can withstand such electric shocks and such tremendous falls. We call these “anime physics.” Of course, many aspects in the anime still follow our universe's laws of physics, such as the law of gravitation. Sometimes, we might wonder how kinetics might apply in the Pokémon world: Team Rocket is sent blasting off again! They are struck by Pikachu's lightning bolt and are initially thrown at a 60 degree angle with an unknown speed. We do however know that they “land” in a body of water 114.5 meters away (assumed to be leveled) 6.363 seconds later. What is the speed that Team Rocket are thrown and what was their maximum height? Assume no air resistance or terminal velocity. Also assume anime physics (meaning everyone travels in a group and everyone survives!). Solution: This is what is known: The object we are focused on is Team Rocket. θ = 60° x0 = 0 m y0 = 0 m xf = 114.5 m t = 6.363 s ay = - 9.8 m/s2 What do we have to find? v = ? ymax = ? Relevant Equations: v = d/t d = d0 + v0t + ½ at2 (works with both x and y) SOHCAHTOA Approach: Firstly, we ... ... middle of paper ... ...This means that if this happened to a non-animated person, he or she would probably die if not already dead from trauma or a thunder mouse's strike. Physics problems can be solved and worked through many different ways. For example, for the second half of the problem (when we used d = d0 + v0t + ½ at2), we could have also used trigonometry to find the height, since we already know the base of the triangle (half the distance) and the angle. Despite enrolling late and still trying to figure everything out, I still participated in the class a bit, having asked and answered a few questions of Piazza. For example, I helped another newly enrolled student by telling him or her how to send a private note on Piazza. Images Source: "Noodles! Roamin' Off!" Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles. Cartoon Network. 1 Aug. 2009. Television.

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