How Does Science Fiction And Fiction Have Changed Since 1974?

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How science fiction books have changed since 1974 Science fiction has been around for a very long time, and over the years it has changed to match the interests of the people. Styles and themes of the genre are still very similar, but there are lots of differences. Some subgenres of Science fiction have stayed the same; others have changed to something that’s not what it was when it started. There have been subgenres that started out okay and then grown into something amazing like zombies, and others like post-apocalyptic worlds that have gotten worse than they used to be. I personally believe that the genre although it still has some similarities, is very, very different than it used to be. In this research paper I go over the books SAR a post-apocalyptic story by John Robert Russell and The Host: a novel a post alien takeover story by Stephenie Meyer. In the next four sections I will go over the ways that the genre has changed. The first section is over Character building, the second on how the people involved in the stories change over time, third over religion, and the final fourth section will be about how the length of the stories has changed and how that affects the story itself. Character Building in older stories you may be told a character’s name, and possibly a description. If your character is a main character or one that sticks around for a while you most likely will learn more about them, like what they look like, where there from, etc. When you meet Sar’s lover, Lady, you would think that you would learn more about her. After being told about Lady all you know is that she is Sar’s lover for the time being, no description about who she is or where she is from. “Lady was Sar’s girl and he wanted her for his own, but t... ... middle of paper ... ...fferent ways. It has changed in various ways including, character building, the ways characters change, religion, and the length of the stories. In the science fiction genre character building has changed by adding more detail and back story to each of the characters’ lives. In older versions of the genre the characters would change many times throughout the duration of the book, many times for not a known reason, but here recently they have added more emphasis on one change and it takes most of the story to overcome this change. To me it seems like because of all the controversy over religion the current day writers have either tried to keep it out completely or use a very minimum amount of it throughout their works. Overall nearly every factor that makes up science fiction has changed over the years, creating it into an almost completely new genre all together.

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