How Does Prioritivity Lead To Happiness

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The thought of pursuing happiness seems like a simple thing to do. In reality, it may be more complex than it sounds. There is such a fine line between achieving this or having it backfire to actually make you feel worse. Prioritizing positivity is possibly one of the successful ways to accomplish pursuing happiness. When investigating whether prioritizing positivity lead to happiness, a few hypotheses were tested. The first being prioritizing positivity. This was predicated to result in better well-being of the individual with less depressive symptoms. Secondly, valuing happiness together with prioritizing positivity will result an opposing connection with well-being. Lastly, by prioritizing positivity the prediction of higher levels of personal and social resources will bring about more experiences of positive emotions. The…show more content…
It was shown that women scored higher on prioritizing positivity. The gender variable was then removed because the results were insignificantly different. The results were as expected in that when prioritizing positivity, happier emotions and life satisfaction was positively related while negative emotions and depression were not. Although when including valuing happiness as predictors of well-being, their associations remained and were enhanced but so are the negative associations. This lead to show how there is a fine line when excessively valuing positivity. The individuals that tend to prioritize positivity highly are at an advantage by having more experiences of positive emotions. These results also led to questions for further research. Questions on how cultural or biological factors would support this and if certain life experiences would make a difference. There were also ideas such as could prioritizing positivity lead to interventions that help individual’s well-being or a way to
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