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Music: Influence or Not Music cannot directly cure diseases such as cancer, but it can remarkably relieve the aches and pains that affect the patient 's body. But, theoretically, that isn’t all music can do in terms of health. In discussions of music, one controversial issue has been whether or not music can actually affect our mood, feelings and actions. On one hand, researchers argue that the music you listen to will affect your output on life. On the other hand, some researchers believe music does not affect mood or action. However, others that are in between believe music can only affect your mood to a certain point, before causing you to act out. However, Many scientists have already conducted important experiments to prove this…show more content…
Music has such an important impact in human life that it has the ability to change anyone’s actions and mood, just with the picture it paints in the mind, which can influence how the brain connects, feels, and responds to music. Music has been around since the beginning of evolution, when humans first started to form a connection to music in our brains. This connection has lead scientists and researchers to believe music can have the ability to affect a person’s moods and actions. In Chicago, where the crime rate is incurably out of control, music has been linked to murders, credit card scams, and robberies. An upcoming Chicago rapper named Lil JoJo was shot and killed on September 4, in a drive by shooting. “Coleman and the other rappers have chanted slogans associated with rival gangs and exchanged heated words and veiled threats through tweets and songs posted on YouTube” (Rana 1). This feud began over music videos posted on YouTube of the gang shouting and carelessly throwing up gang signs. Chief Keef blew up in the Chicago music scene with the single hit “ I Don’t Like.” In the song, Chief Keef sings recklessly about how he wants…show more content…
The human brain, through evolution, has developed reasoning tactics that cause us to think thoroughly before we act. However, other scientists argue that while music is powerful- it is just not powerful enough to cause people to act out in certain scenarios, such as fights and killings. I refute this argument by simply stating that music does have a powerful effect on people, all the time, almost anywhere. For example, if music can give us a boost while working out in the gym, or influence our first date, then it can definitely also have the power to affect our choices when we are in a bad mood, possibly more than enough to even commit a crime. "Because music is at the center of the formation of cultural identity for marginalized youth, it 's very powerful," Professor Williams explains. "So now you have kids growing up listening to the music and feeling that the music is expressing who they are as young, African-American males. This is bigger than participating in a gang. It is the core of your value system."(Guarino 1). In Oklahoma, a teen named James Edwards killed an Australian baseball player, claiming he did it out of boredom, after listening to the well known rapper Chief Keef 's drill music. Drill music exposes the listener to violent statements and retaliation towards anyone, but it especially targets police, and other rival gangs. There appeared to be

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