How Does Literature Make Us Better People

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In today’s society, people of the 21st century tend to talk about what others tell them than actually reading it for ourselves; and if we do read its on the computer or our smartphone. What is it about our generation that makes us more prone to reading literature on the internet instead of reading it in a book. one such man, author Gregory Currie, publish two articles “ Does Literature Make Us Better People” and “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter And Nicer” he argues that reading literature open our mind up to a different point of view which we would have never thought about if we didn 't read literature. Currie begins building his credibility with experiments, facts, and statistics evidence as to internet or book reading helps us soak in…show more content…
sometimes when we read we tend to read fast and not really understand what the narrator is talking about. in a research demonstrated by neuroscience and psychology they found out slow and steady we can get more understanding by decoding more words and get emotional about what we are reading. This is actually true, when you take your time reading instead of flying by just to hurry up you really be lost by the time your done reading because our brain cant really grasp whats going on in the…show more content…
From being nice to being smarter how does literature makes us be that? The obvious as people we know when you read there is a great amount of information we could be enlighting on. So what Currie is saying about literature is true about literature makes us smarter. If people don 't believe it then this is what reading helps us become more smarting in GPA’S, more knowledge and higher intelligence. Now that we know that reading makes us smarter does it helps us to be better people to be more nicer? When people read its for a school assignment, to learn something or they just love reading. Now if a person choose to read its either to get away from real life situation that is going on in there life or they are probably stress. When reading our minds as human helps us to shift gears and distract us from whats actually going on in life that could be a bad day at work or your worried about if the lights going to be cut off because of not paying the bill. If reading distracts us from nonfiction activity we are actually being relieve from stress which helps us be more calm and nicer. Majority of the time when we see somebody thats mad there usually stress over something so if reading can exempt stress then Currie is right about literature makes us be more nicer. Now we realize that he was right what about literature makes us be better people. When we read it helps to clear our mind because we are no longer

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