How Does Identity Affect Identity

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At one point or another in life, everybody has asked himself or herself “ who am I, and what I am to other people”? It’s not an easy question to answer because everyone in the world identifies himself or herself in a different manner; personality, religion, names, and sexual orientation, and fashion are some of the factors most used in today’s society. The way we perceive ourselves may change over time as life experiences wither away at one’s soul. Traumatic events, such as, domestic violence, sexual assaults, and the loss of a loved one, take a negative effect on the lives of the victims, which in some cases, causes a complete change in identity. Identity is such a small word, but it holds a great significance in a person’s life. Most people…show more content…
In return, the slaves did not understand why this was happening to them, and felt that their identity was nothing more than the word “slave”. In the article Learning to Read and Write, author Frederick Douglass recalls his experience in Maryland when he was a belittled slave and felt his life was no longer worth living, “ I often found myself regretting my own existence, and wished myself dead; and but for the hope of being free, I have no doubt but that I should have killed myself, or done something for which I should have been killed”. Under the hands of oppression, Douglass began to lose his sense of identity, but when he decided he would no longer wear the blindfold of ignorance, he gained the power of knowledge. The ability to read and write transformed Frederick Douglass into a brilliant, reasoning man. Douglass summons the memory of when he learned to read “ I reading of these documents enable me to utter my thought, and to meet the arguments brought forward to sustain slavery, but while they relived me of one difficulty, they brought on another even more painful than the one of which I was relieve.” Even though Frederick Douglass was a slave while growing up as a child/teen, he gained a sense of freedom once we learned how to write and became literate; this transformation morphed Douglass into a new man-…show more content…
“ eww, why are you wearing that!” , “ you’re a man, not a women! Dress right! “ , and worst of all “Go kill yourself”. In the article “ What Trans Move-Ment ”, author Jen Richards stresses the reality of the LFBT community, especially the T-rans, who is not getting enough attention, as it should be. And, despite all the violence trans people go thought, a sense of human still found in their soul- its what keeps them sane. Richards quotes:
Despite these horrifying facts, the most obvious and abundant qualities of these women are humor, resilience, and creativity. I 'll never forget laughing uproariously with a group of trans women (none white apart from myself), until we got the news of yet another murder. There was a quick discussion of the facts, and the conversation returned to its bawdy humor. It 's not indifference or numbness but a necessary coping skill. Losing a sister to addiction, HIV, or violence isn 't an if among these women, but rather who and

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