How Does Green Architecture Affect the World

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How Does Green Architecture Affect the World?
A Review of the Literature
Nowadays, the world’s in great threat to global warming. A lot of people or living things, in general, suffer chronologically from the hazardous effects of climate change. Environmental awareness should be part of our lifestyle because without it, the world would not be a good place to live in. To address this problem, green architecture made its mark.
Green Architecture is the practice of creating a structure which would benefit the environment and is ecologically responsible. It lessens the impact by using resources which are energy efficient, less harmful to the environmental health and human well-being. Not only is it advantageous to the environment, but it is also advantageous to the welfare of the society or the people itself.
There are a variety of benefits because of green architecture taking effect. And one is, its contributions to the society. It helps lower the cost of the maintenance and repair of a certain building or structure. It also causes more productivity.
Another is its benefits to the environment. It uses less natural resources such as water, and enhances waste reduction. Green architecture also helps protect the ecosystem by providing a suitable and sustainable design which benefits both the user of the structure and the site it surrounds.
In this paper, I will discuss the concept of green architecture and its purpose or principles. Further elaboration would be done regarding its benefits or impact of this practice to the society and the environment. The disadvantages of green architecture are also discussed after.
The Concept of Green Architecture
“A green building is one whose construction andl...

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