How Does Gnosticism Influence Christianity?

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Throughout history, Christianity has been molded, hardened, melted, refined and shaped into the different sects that are witnessed today. While many different controversies and thinkers have influenced Christianity, Gnosticism contains the supreme importance in influencing Christianity. The Gnostic Conflict influenced church history into the culture it is today by spurring much of the intellectual foundations of faith by making claims in the subordinationism of the trinity and the incarnation of Christ, as well as producing some of the first sects in Christianity through Marion. By claiming that there are lesser and higher divinities in the universe, this set the tone for much of the arguments made for subordinationism in the upcoming centuries.…show more content…
Sophia produces Yahweh, who then creates matter and in turn creates humanity through Adam. This world, however is extremely corrupt due to the nature of Yahweh, a lesser god that has emanated from the First Principle, and due to its creation through matter, a substance that is considered the antithesis to the spirit. Because this world and humanity are so corrupt, The First Principle sends Jesus as the Divine Spark to save humanity from their own evil. The Gnostics were also very anti-traditional towards the Church as an institution. “Those other Christians stressed personal spiritual development – usually by means of visions – as more important than, or even as a replacement for, apostolic tradition” (Cahana 53-54). Instead of following the Churches laws as guidance, they trusted their own beliefs and even placed their relationship with God over the church, something that was uncommon in the second…show more content…
This falls within the division of Gnosticism in which the Old Testament God is depicted as evil for both Marcion and the Gnostics. Marcion would argue that “Christ and the gospel of the benevolent God had nothing to do with anything in this world” (Cahana 57). This exemplifies his belief in a world that is sinful that must be saved by the spiritual world. The idea of the nature of God is fairly new during this time in Christianity and even ideas of good and evil where only just being discussed. The controversy deepened divisions between Christians by introducing ideas such as different views of God’s nature, and adding to many different sects of Christianity today. The very thought of God changing holds its own implications, let alone the idea that His nature is evil would be enough to create tension between many members in Christianity. This controversy creates one of the first sects in Christianity and created the many branches of Christianity that is seen
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