How Does Fashion Affect Fashion Trends

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Research Project DRAFT ESSAY Although not one of the most effected industries, changes in fashion were most predominantly caused by fluctuations in the economy. For this assignment, I have chosen the topic of Fashion with particular focus on how economic issues and events in the past decades have impacted trends. Some of the most influential events that have occurred include wars and the invention of sewing machines and synthetic fabrics. The war not only changed the way women dressed, but it influenced fabrics, prices and comfort. The invention of sewing machines created this ability to create more clothing in short periods of time, while the production of synthetic fibres allowed fabric to be artificially produced for minimal time and cost. As travel became more accessible, migration was at an all-time high. Thus, with access between cultures, fabrics and styles were being used from various countries. Through the research and analysis conducted, I was able to discover the main causes of changes in fashion trends and how fashion has come to what it is today. During the world wars, numerous materials were distributed to the army with the intention and use for items including clothing, shelters and safety equipment. This left high decreases of available fabric in non-war zones to whom still had enough money for luxuries as such. The majority of people who were able to buy or make clothing were predominately those of high wealth and status, purely on the costs. This lead to high fashion being largely for those of the highest standards and annual income. Individuals with an average or minimum income, the mere thought of buying items of clothing or fabric during times of war was incomprehensible. Women and families who were left... ... middle of paper ... on the design, would take months to complete making the thought of changing trends completely unrealistic. Unlike current years where new trends come in 4 times a year, based on the season. Prior to war years, trends would rarely change unless it was adding another layer to a frilled yolk. So as the technology and economy were going through huge transitions, slowly the industry of clothing design evolved and developed into not purely to cover up, but to look nice if not attractive to others. Another highly influential technological advance in the fashion industry was the ability to produce synthetic fabrics. Common fabrics including nylon or polyester and produce entirely from chemicals. These fabrics are extremely popular because of their properties. Plastic raincoats, for example, are waterproof, and stretchy Lycra has the ability to keep its original shape.
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