How Does Eddie's Change In A View From The Bridge

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“A View from the Bridge” is a play constructed by a playwright, Arthur Miller.
The play is bases on the life of a longshoreman named Eddie Carbone, who is living in Brooklyn with his wife Beatrice and niece Catherine. His character develops between act 1 and 2. Eddie is shown as an example of Greek tragedy.

At the beginning of the play Eddie is presented as an average man whom is also seen to be masculine as he is the one who works and earns money for the family. He is also seen as quite protective towards his niece Catharine. He is just looking out for her and what she wears when he says, “I think it’s too short, ait it?” as she shows off her new purchase. A few lines later it becomes obvious that Eddie disapproves and Catherine is “almost
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Miller emphasise this scene by making the conversation short. “I want to report something. illegal immigrants. Two of them.” Giving little detail to show that Eddie is acting selfishly and only protecting himself. By turning the cousins in he loses all respect from everyone. It is ironic as Eddie is foreshadowing the story of Vinny Bolzano whom he told Catherine and Beatrice as a threat to keep quiet and in the end doing the exact same.

The storyline ends with Eddies ironic yet symbolic death. As “the knife turns back towards Eddie” Eddie’s own knife turning back on him evokes that Eddie is the tragic hero but was foolish. As “he dies in her arms” Eddie realises that Beatrice stood by him, this realisation ends the scene with Eddie saying “Oh B.! My B.!” Eddie was, really, a caring character but was just overcome with the feeling of jealousy and hate which quickly began to change him as person.

In conclusion, I think the play “A View from the Bridge” has got well written plot twists on how Eddie Carbone stats of being a family man and ending to be a love-sick man who’s jealousy overpowers
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