How Does Brutus Use Ethos In Julius Caesar

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424 words

After the death of Caesar, Brutus tried to calm down the citizens of Rome. He did so by giving an influential speech convincing everyone Caesar’s death was necessary. Brutus told the audience they killed Caesar for the sake of Rome and all the people in it. As he begins his speech, Brutus uses ethos by telling his countrymen to keep his honor in mind. This gives him credibility so the Romans listening will believe him. Then, Brutus begins to say that he loved Caesar just as much as anyone else, but he loved his country more. Claiming that he did such a horrendous and thing out of love and righteousness is an example of pathos, it appeals to the audience's sense of emotions. Finally, Brutus claimed he freed everyone from slavery. He says the only people that should be offended by Caesar's death are the people who are not truly Romans, or people who do not truly want to be free. Because he is attempting to convince the citizens of Rome to reason that the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how brutus tried to calm down the citizens of rome by giving an influential speech convincing everyone caesar's death was necessary.
  • Analyzes how antony uses anadiplosis in his persuasive speech defending his friend's honor.
  • Analyzes how antony used a wide variety of persuasive techniques to convince his countrymen that what he believed was right. the romans were convinced the conspirators actions were unforgivable and revolting.

Antony used anadiplosis in his persuasive speech defending his friends honor. He continually said “Yet Brutus says he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man” at the end of multiple sentences. This claim also is used as verbal irony. He is telling the audience Brutus is honorable, however it is flagrant he truly feels what the conspirators did was shameful and highly dishonorable. Another rhetorical device used by Antony is logos. Caesar's close friend tries to convince his fellow Romans to logically reason that because they loved Caesar once, they should have the compassion and capability to mourn his death. Pathos is yet another persuasion Antony used to protect the perception of his dear friend. Attempting to make his audience emotional and remorseful about the recent tragedy, Antony claims that everyone loved Caesar yesterday and today no one has the decency give him

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