How Does Beauty Pageants Affect Women?

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Medias Negative Effects On television there are models and celebrities who are very thin and look like they never age. On the radio there are commercials for weight loss and low prices on surgeries. In magazines there are images of fit people all over the pages. No matter where a person looks they will see celebrities or models that are beautiful and thin. People, mainly teenage girls, look up to these figures which make them look down on themselves for not looking a certain way. So many girls get this idea of the “perfect” body from social media that is unrealistic and it causes negative effects on these girls. The media sets a body image in girls thoughts that make them want to look exactly like the women media focuses on but when they do…show more content…
Supporters of beauty pageants would say pageants raise self-esteem and has a powerful message to young women in general (“Beauty Pageants”). They believe that pageants boost girls’ self-esteem and celebrate the beauty of all women (“Beauty Pageants”). Although, critics would argue that the only self-esteem it raises is the females in the pageant, the young women who watch end up with low self-esteem. Opponents would also claim that the contests objectify women, and create a homogeneous, unattainable ideal of beauty that promotes poor self-image in them (“Beauty Pageants”). Watching beauty pageants on television makes girls think that if they do not have their hair done perfectly, wear make-up, and their bodies do not look a certain way that they will not fit…show more content…
The effects of seeing beautiful thin celebrities, models, and even athletes have negative effects on girls like eating disorders, poor self-image, and even getting plastic or cosmetic surgeries. The widespread images of thin actresses and models have harmed the self-image of girls and young women and encourage disorders (“Eating Disorders”). There should not be any encouragement for eating disorders; it can end up killing a person in just a few short years at least. Also, beauty pageants do not help either, they basically focus on a women’s attractiveness and nothing else. The pageants objectify woman creating a homogenous unachievable model of attractiveness that promotes poor self-image among girls (Beauty Pageants”). Often thin models are suffering from eating disorders of their own and girls are looking up to them as “body goals” which just is not right and can lead to the girls themselves having eating disorders. Models should be a healthy weight, they would still look great and it would have a positive effect of the girls who are looking up to the models. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is another effect media has had, more females are taking the “easier” root and getting surgeries to like the way they look. Girls under eighteen should not get surgery, the risks are too high. When a girl is under eighteen her body is still changing and developing, she
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