How Do You Deal With Disagreements?

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So you’ve been dating this person for a long time... You know him/her pretty well and you’re ready to work that relationship towards getting married, but before doing so, here 're 8 questions to help your couple move ahead. For most of us, the answer to these questions shouldn’t be deal breakers, however, they should help you develop a more harmonious fulfilling marriage. 1 - How do you deal with disagreements? Every couple will disagree from time to time. There is no way to have a couple that NEVER disagree on anything. However the way the couple deals with disagreements will be the difference between a happy couple and an unhappy couple. Are those disagreements dealt with or avoided ? If avoided, issues will get bigger over time, resentment will grow, the couple can become disengaged. So a reluctance to deal with disagreement is greatly detrimental to any relationships and it’s best to work on them as soon as possible instead of avoiding them. But what if those disagreements are not avoided, but instead often leave both of you frustrated ? It’s true that some disagreements can be hard to accept, especially if they go against a set of you core beliefs, however here’s some quick tips that can help the couple deal those disagreements in a healthy way that leaves the couple happy: Set boundaries Stay focus on the problem, not the person Use nonviolent communication Find the real issue Compromise when possible Agree to disagree But through it all, the most important thing to remember is that communication is key! 2- Do you want children ? If this is a question that sounds obvious for some, for others the issue of having children is something that needs to be asked. You certainly don’t want to wait after the marria... ... middle of paper ... ...nd the mere physical pleasure (which is in itself significant), erotic intimacy allows the full emotional involvement of both partners. However, many studies show that it is much easier to reduce sexual desire with your partner than trying to maintain it. And it is true that keeping the flame is an everyday challenge (and the couple may not have the same level of sexual desire) but even if the routine is installed, it’s important for the couple to cultivate this flame by finding a rhythm which respects the nature of each. So what’s next ? Once you’re done examining those questions with your spouse, your couple should be in much better position than it was before. If some answers aren’t what you were expecting, you’ll have a great opportunity to work hard on improving the relationship with your partner to ultimately live a healthy, happy and lasting marriage.
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