How Do We Remember the Holocaust? The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas by John Boyne

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As our world is evolving, advancements in technology are allowing the spread of information to increase across the Internet. Simiarily, to the World Memory Project using the Internet to promote the remembrance of the Holocaust people are starting to use forms of social media to spread the word to people. There are ways for Facebook users to “share” or “like” Holocaust Museum’s Facebook page or to “share” an experience that someone had that relates to the Holocaust in some way. Likewise, on Twitter you can participate in a “virtual” names reading by “tweeting the names of individuals who dies during the Holocaust.”( Across the world there are many ways to share information, whether it is spreading it by word of mouth or through certain projects. Another great way that information pertaining to the Holocaust is distributed and remembered is through different types of art, whether it is a book, movie, photography, or paintings. Books, both fiction and non-fiction, are works of art that capture the feelings and memories of the author. Works of literature that pertain to the Holocaust are exceptional in describing the impact that the event had to the author or characters in the book. The numerous amount of books that haven has been written about the Holocaust vary tremendously. These books allow for survivors and victim’s stories to be heard and to be remembered. Each book is a different story with a different perspective and a different purpose of the Holocaust; no two books are necessarily going to be the same. For example, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank reveals to readers the thoughts and feelings of a young Jewish girl who went into hiding with her fa... ... middle of paper ... ...mbering those who were affected during this time. Similarly with the many museums that are across the world there are just as many memorials. These memorials have been created and are visited consistently to give respect to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Many famous memorials include the Babi Yar Memorial in Ukraine and Yad Vashem in Israel. The memorial at Babi Yar is in remembrance of the largest mass-shooting massacre of the holocaust. Works Cited • Shlapentokh, Dmitry. "Babi Yar." Modern Age 55.1-2 (2013): 121+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 26 Mar. 2014. • Fox, Ray E. Yad Vashem: Preserving the Past to Ensure the Future. Teaneck, NJ: Ergo Media Inc, 1990. • Hartman, Geoffrey H. Holocaust Remembrance: The Shapes of Memory. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 1994. Print. Kelly, Janis. "A Holocaust Remeberance Program." Off Our Backs 12.7 (1982): 19.

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