How Do Video Games Cause Aggression?

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Through the years gaming consoles and video game graphics have evolved, including the violence depicted in these games. Modern day video games are divided by genres of role-playing, first person shooter or sandbox games that involve their various types of violence. Often these video games make people feel that they are not in reality. Somehow the game they are playing immerse them into their virtual reality. Sometimes when a person is too immersed in a game, they may take it seriously and begin to get frustrated that may lead them to become aggressive verbally and physically. Due to their aggressiveness they might throw the controller at the television, flip a table or yell offensive words on the gaming microphone, because they didn’t get the…show more content…
Accordingly, some of the research conducted throughout the years seem very outdated because of the new technology that are currently released, for example new models of computers that are specifically made for video games and the VR systems that are for the PlayStation and the most popular Oculus Rift. Apart from the visual standing of videogame realism there is also the audio which has evolved from stereo to surround within a person’s headset! All this advancement in technology has made it possible for a person to think they are in the game. Now with all this increasing technology, it makes it difficult to create longitudinal studies on video game aggression because technology is changing rapidly every day. More so the correlational studies done on violent video games on aggression have impacted great results that when a person is only playing for a few minutes for example Bushman (1999) conducted a study on violent videogames that would lead to aggressive behaviors, that even for twenty minutes of gameplay many of his participants had aggressive thoughts and feelings. When in reality an average game play by a thirteen-year-old teenager is 6.3 hours (Nielson,
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