How Do Mythology Relate From Greek Mythology

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1.Topic- Greek vs. Modern Stories
Research question- How do Greek mythology stories compare to modern day stories?
Hook/Grabber/Opening statement- Did you know that Greek mythology stories that were told over 2,500 years ago are similar to stories that are told to children today? Even the littlest details that were in Greek mythology often still come up today. But, are these two types of stories more similar than we really know?

2. Literature Review-
1. Summary #1
In “Greek Myths and Legends” from The Greeks book Peach and Millard present a story from Greek mythology that was very popular in ancient Greece and was a very common theme for Greek stories. This story uses two goddess and one god to represent how strong a mother and daughters relationship can be with one another. In this story a mother learns what life can be like without her daughter after she was kidnapped. If Demeter did not care about her daughter as much as she truly did, she would not have fought with the god of the underworld to get her back.

2. Summary #2 In “Orpheus’ Wife” from the author explains how some stories from Greek mythology do not end with a happy ending. In the story a young god, whose wife dies from a snake bite, learns that he needs to be able to trust people in his life, or
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Once the tortoise agrees to do the race with the hare, the hare becomes over confident in himself. The race then started and the hare was ahead by so much he decided it was a good idea to take a nap. So, the tortoise traveled the same pace the whole race, and eventually passed the hare. And soon after that the tortoise had crossed the finish line and won the race. The hare learned that having too much confidence in yourself can have a negative impact, and also that slow and steady wins the
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