How Do I Get My Hair Back to Its Natural Color?

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How do I get my hair back to its natural color

Hair dyes have some problems. Of course, it is very difficult to choose the right color. This is the first question. But there is another problem: what to do when the color began to "walk"?

At least not constantly is all shades of red. And their attention fades women more often because they are not very attractive colors in 6 weeks. Yet another color becomes problematic when the past several months.

Generally, we choose the simplest solution is to wait. Hair grows every month as a minimum of 10-12 mm. And dyed my hair ever grow back fully. So you can try to improve the foods: vitamin supplements, hair keratin treatments, masks and stuff.

But is there a way to quickly get back to color?

Consult with a professional

The most effective way is to help professional wizard. Hair stylists will advise nourishing hair products and procedures that will help restore the natural hair color of your hair. As well as the salon means there are special tools that restore natural hair color.

In the salon uses a strong medical complex to re-color hair. The Fund operates a cabin at the molecular level. As a rule, this procedure is quite simple: a master mix of the two active ingredients (the client) and the hair and then "work" means of heat. Molecules gradually lose their color, but you need several treatments to achieve good results. Therefore, you must prepare for that procedure to get rid of the color salon will be expensive. But the hair will remain healthy, it's worth paying!

Professionals will also be able to find the right product for re-coloring, if the color you want to change as soon as possible.


Under this heading is a tool to remove the color from your hair. ...

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...he water-as hot as you can stand it. Results like the color Remover-remove half or one tone.

Another recipe from "the people"-the use of bleaching agents (eg, hydrogen peroxide). But it must be said that this method is quite aggressive. If you decide this, you should only use bleach, made especially for her (or the concentration of peroxide, recommended just for hair). Softest hair and bleach treatment in combination with shampoo. And it is best to add any hair coloring products is never a gray and lifeless.

As you can see, if you dyed your hair in good condition, one of the methods to be more effective. And here's another tip from stylist: if you do not like the color of the hair, try to use a good product to add shine and makes hair shine bright noble color and three dimensions. Maybe you can put up with a new color if the hair would glare well and stay alive.

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