How Do I Become A Better Person?

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The only way I became a better person is because I had to have someone push me down in order for me to rise back up. Throughout my life, I was constantly nagged on and pushed down by people because they did not believe I would have the ability to be successful and finish my education. My parents have always doubted my abilities to become academically successful, because of the way I act at home. Since grade school till this day, they have told me that I would not make it and I need to change, but I have proved them wrong, like when I finished Elementary, Middle, and High School. The times I had to prove to them, was in grade school when they got mad at me for getting an achievement award, then in middle school when they would constantly push me to do my homeland school work, and in high school when I did…show more content…
Ever since I started school my parents would always tell me when I would bring my report card with three’s home that it was never good enough and that they wanted to see fours and fives, even though my school did not give higher than a four. I remember one day I came home from 2nd grade with a student achievement award and my grandparents were very happy and proud. Afterward, I felt better and smarter until later when I went to show it to my dad he said “… that is not good enough you should have gotten the student of the month award.” It made me really depressed because instead of thinking he was pushing me to improve, he really thought I was not intelligent. I did not realize he was saying it so it could push me to get the student of the month award. The following month after I tried to get the award by doing all my homework, paying more attention in class and participating more often, I got the award and achieved my goal to make my family proud. I realized that the more I do to better my education the more I go to the next
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