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Helens Family Compared To Mine Growing up I was an only child with a single parent. My mom always did what she could to make me happy but my mom and me were never really close at all. I always wanted a little brother or sister so I had someone to play with. But what I really wanted was for my mom to finally find someone to make her happy. To me, Helens family was very similar to mine besides the fact I lived with my grandparents as well. The director of this movie wants to show the differences in families. Nobody is perfect to everyone but they can be perfect in their own way. The main theme is to show that even if you family doesn’t have it all together in the end everything will still be okay because family is everything and things…show more content…
My family is kind of like Helens, I don’t have a little brother but Helen and my mom are kind of a like. They are single and like Julie, I always gave my mom a hard time. We were never close until I told her I was pregnant. Some people thought it was going to ruin out lives but it actually made things better. Helen and my mom rarely go out and do anything but when my mom does I’m happy for her. I’m Julie, I had to hide the person I liked because my mom didn’t really like him, and she thought he was too old. Well, my mom shortly let that go because now he basically lives with us. The house is a little crowded at times but we deal with it. A couple of months ago I told my mom I was pregnant, she didn’t find out the way Julies mom did but she said the exact same thing, “I cant be a grandma, I’m to young.” But after letting everything sink in, she got to know Dylan, the guy I liked, and knew that we would be great parents. No we aren’t married and Dylan’s just a little bit smarter than Tod but our imperfections are what make us perfect. Getting pregnant young is a scary thing and if you don’t have support it makes things even more terrifying. Julie and I were okay, we had our families and the father of our child their the whole

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