How Do Apple Customer Affect Consumer Behavior

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Product Customer wants Customer needs Customer expectations

Good –apple watch Customers always want

the product of new

variety and with new

features. They also

want it at cheaper

price, so that they can

afford it easily.

In daily life every one of

us needs various things

for our daily use. Watch

is also a part of it.

Customer needs apple

watch because it has

many other different

functions which other

watches do not have in




Everybody needs a

good customer service.

Being friendly is the

most basic need of the


Idea –new apple


Customers want that

whenever they go to

buy anything, they

should be treated well

and in good manner.

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Marketers must understand the way culture and its accompanying values, as well as person social class

influence their buying behavior. The other major element of a culture is its values. People’s value

systems have a major effect on their customer behavior.



Ans- apple watch

Customers only choose the product based on their perceived value. Satisfaction of customers is always

necessary .satisfaction is the extent to which the actual use of a product matches the perceived value at

the of purchase. Good style and design of a product always attract the customers. And it improves the

performance of product. It also gives a product a strong and competitive advantage in the market. It

must have some different and good features than other watches so that customers can buy it. for

example- a person buying an apple watch does not mean that he is buying it for seeing time, it also

reflects their status symbol.


ANS- the company I have researched on is apple.

There are some factors that influence on pricing decision, quality and customer service. Internal
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Communication during the promoting should be in very good way, so that customers can easily

understand about products values. Customer dealing and service is another major part because handling

the customers in a good manner improves the image of the company and product as well.



Ans- there are two types of market research’s

Primary research- it always takes more time and it is very expensive. It meets the particular needs which

is very helpful.

Secondary research- it is very cheaper and always takes a less time.

Apple always provide information about their product on time and in accurate way. Their customer

service is always good .they make some strategies to run their company.


Ans- every company have their own strategies in effective communication and monitoring of customer

service and quality. apple also has various strategies’ like they have good staff which deals with the

customers in a very good and effective manner. They give sufficient knowledge to the customer about

the feature and benefits of product .for online customers, they provided toll-free no. so that customers

can communicate with them and solve their
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