How Divorce Effects Children

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How Divorce Effects Children

In our society families are divided everyday. The circumstances vary, but they still cause traumatic behavior towards those who are irate about their families separating. It seems to be a delimma for parents that no longer acquire each other's company to be subjective about their separation, but what if children are involved. Parents have a tendency to make choices about their marriage with animosity and revulsion towards one another, but what about the siblings. What did they do? Therefore, it is an inequity for parents to divorce with children, because their kids' lives will be impacted tremendously.

A separated mother and father has a dissatisfying affect on children. It is very hard for a child, who has been raised by both parents; to one day only have majority access to one parent. This is a situation through which kids develop inaccurate thoughts as to why their parents are not together. Blame sometimes corrupts the child's thoughts and eventually the child perceives he/she may be the reason their parents separated. Children are left in the dark numerous times. Children develop revulsion towards the parent whom they feel has caused this terrible situation. A constant question, Why? Their parents would not want to be together anymore.

The child now acts with an attitude around the parents. In a rebellious way the child deliberately commits disobedience. Being that they are already demoralized the child feels no remorse in acting out of discontent. This becomes even worst when there is more than one child.

Two or more children in this situation may wonder will they have to separate also. And in some cases children do separate parents. Besides the negativity between th...

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...dering who will get which parent. It is blatant that in situations of the parents having children. The boy goes with the father and the daughter goes with the mother. Eventually the children will take sides and this corrupts their relationship causing division amongst each other.

Although parents have their differences and splitting up is the best choice they should still be aware of how it will effect the children/child. Children are the most vulnerable in situations like divorce cases. Children have little affect in their parents' decision to break up.

In conclusion, in marriages people must learn to avoid conflict and appreciate whom they have decided to spend the rest of their life with. A divorce causes too much stress and heartache on a child that's why it should be forbidden unless reasons to separate are of the laws of the Bible.
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