How Did We Make It This Far As Humans After Being Born Into This World?

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How did we make it this far as humans after being born into this world? As kids, we rely on our parents, school system, and even our teachers to show us what we need to know and learn (we need to know right from wrong). This comes with the experience we grasp as children and students, which really becomes who we are by the experiences we undergo growing up (understanding good and bad choices). The answer is simple, that as humans, we need another human being to feed and nurture us. Without parents, babies are incapable of growing in this world. Experience has a lot to do with where we are raised, how we are raised, and the mindset we hold within ourselves set by the environment we are developed in as children. We did not choose our parents and we have no control over the life we are brought into. We do have a choice of the opportunities we can receive through our own experiences. Again relying on our parents, teachers, and schools to guide us toward the right and good decisions to further the educational experiences we can have until we are mature enough to recognize those kinds of choices on our own. Children are not capable of controlling their own educational experiences because maturity and making good educational choices will have to be made for themselves by understanding smart decisions, goes to the extent of being mature enough to run the show for themselves. If they were in control, our society today would be dramatically affected with the skills and knowledge that humans need to acquire in order for people and students to operate in any community today. Malcolm Gladwell the author of Outliers tells a story about a middle school girl named Marita who is stuck in poverty. She made a bargain with one of the most prestigio... ... middle of paper ... ...hat are in poverty are being homeschooled and don’t have the opportunity to be homeschooled. Public school may be out for students in the future because homeschooling is becoming dominant if it can create stable jobs for this business. Opportunities don 't come easy, people need to work for what they want and what they need. Arising opportunities can happen unexpectedly or people can go out to make them happen. That starts with our children educational experiences by being mature enough to handle situational opportunities through effectively teaching them the skills they need to acquire to make smart decisions on their own. Students need to experience relying on themselves early in their childhood, by making wise decisions at a young age and instilling mature decision making in our children, for generations to come this will ensure a great future for our society.

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