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Do you know how Walt Disney started animating movies? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. There a multiple things that we do not know about Walt Disney. Walt Disney has been in our lives since we were little. Don’t you want to know how it all started? In this essay is going to talk about Disney's Life and how he became an animator.

Walt Disney was born on December 5,1901 into a family with three older brothers and soon a younger sister. Elias and Flora were the parents of Herbert, Raymond, Roy, Walter, and Ruth. The Children grew up on an orchard farm where they raised cattle, sheep, and pigs. Many people from around the world Came to the Disney’s farm just to see the largest orchard. There were often visitors at the farm the Disney’s lived on, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that we don't know how walt disney started animating movies. he has been in our lives since we were little.
  • Narrates how walt disney was born on december 5,1901 into a family with three older brothers, and later sister, elias and flora. the children grew up on an orchard farm where they raised cattle, sheep and pigs.
  • Narrates how walt disney started to draw when he was seven years old. he attended mckinley high school in chicago, did photography, drawing, and contributed to the school newspaper.
  • Explains that walt attempted to join the military when he was 16 years old, but was rejected for being too young. he joined the red cross and drove an ambulance covered with his disney drawings.
  • Narrates how walt disney and ubbe iwerks established a short-lived company called, laugh-o-gram studio on may 18, 1922. walt became loaded with debt, pursued by creditors, and fell into extreme poverty.
  • Analyzes how dr. thomas b. mccrum asked walt disney to create a promotional video about dental health and invited him over to discuss the deal.
  • Describes how disney moved to hollywood, california to set up a cartoon studio. walt finished working on the live-action/animation alice's wonderland and took the final reel with him.
  • Narrates how walt and roy rented a small garage from their uncle and invited virginia davis, an american child actor, to tag along. walt did the animating while roy worked the camera and on october 16, 1923, the brothers founded "disney brothers cartoon studio."
  • Describes how walt invited his family to relocate to california and join "the disney bros. cartoon studio". walt delegated primary responsibilities of animation to ubbe iwerks, and that was the end of walt's career as an animator.
  • Explains that walt hired hugh harman and rudolf "rudy" carl ising in december 1924 and personally hired and inker, lillian bounds.
  • Explains that charles mintz sent an order to the walt disney studio to develop an animated character and all animated cartoon series for universal pictures.
  • Explains that most of disney's animators were hired away, except iwerks, who later helped disney create a new character, mickey mouse, that would become an triumph for walt disney.
  • Explains that walt disney was disappointed after losing the rights to oswald the lucky rabbit and asked ubbe iwerks to create a new character.
  • Explains that the first full-length animated cartoon, snow white and the seven dwarfs, was a turning point for the animation industry.
  • Explains that walt and roy turned to loan officers to obtain the funding they needed to release the film. after three years of work, it was finally released under the distribution agreement with rko radio pictures.
  • Explains that walt disney and his crew were responsible for creating training and instruction motion pictures such as victory through air power, aircraft carrier landing signals, and animated propaganda short film der fuehrer’s face.
  • Explains that lillian's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, she later became pregnant and gave birth on december 18,1933, to her daughter diane marie disney.
  • Opines that walt elias disney died at 9:30am on december 15 1966 at the age of 65. the cause of death was acute circulatory collapse.

They hired two more employees to ink and paint the celloid. Walt rented a shabby shooting camera that, Roy is operating, and installed it in the garage. Walt did the animating while Roy worked the camera and on October 16, 1923 the brothers founded “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio.” The Brothers were looking for a distributer and managed to find a New Yorker cartoon distributer, Margaret J. Winker, and agreed to distribute the 12 Alice Comedies series. December 26, 1923, the Brothers produced the first comedy series and received $1,500 for Alice’s Day at …show more content…

Walt Disney asked Ubbe Iwerks to create a new character. Ubbe sketched many animals as dogs, cats, a female cow, a male horse, and a male frog, but walt didn’t like any of the sketches. However, Mickey Mouse inspired the team from a tame mouse that had been drawn by Hugh Harman at Laugh-O-Gram Studio in 1925. Ubbe started sketching new ways to improve the original Mickey Mouse. The original name of Mickey Mouse was once Mortimer Mouse, before Lillian convinced Walt to change the name to Mickey Mouse. Ubbe animated Mickey while Walt gave Mickey Mouse his voice until 1947. The first feature of Mickey Mouse was in a test screening of a short called Plane Crazy in May 15,1928. Many people disliked the new character but Walt was not ready to give up. The Gallopin’ Gaucho was the next try but unable to find a distributer the animated short film was not released. November 18,1928 Mickey appeared in Steamboat Willie, an animated short with sound co-directed by Walt Disney and Ubbe Iwerks. Walt had managed to find a distributor, Pat Powers, an entrepreneur involved in the movie and animation industry, and became Steamboat Willie distributor and sold Disney cinephone sound system that allowed to release Steamboat Willie with soundtrack that led Disney to success. The Plane Crazy, and the Galloping Gaucho were re-released with soundtracks and many other Mickey Mouse cartoons were also later

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