How Did Theodore Roosevelt Become A Naval Strategist

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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president, born on October 27, 1853 into a wealthy family, sickly as a child, and a very nature-loving person. That is just the beginning of this amazing person. Theodore Roosevelt as a child was homeschooled by tutors, private teachers, and was interested in zoology and biology. His family had been in America since the 1600’s, and he was the seventh generation of his family in America. Their last name was originally Rosenvelt after the town in the Netherlands where their family came from. In Dutch, the name Rosenvelt means field of roses. In Theodore’s teen years he continued to admire nature, and sometimes he would draw detailed pictures of animals in nature. It was also discovered that he was near sighted; so he had to start…show more content…
Being a naval strategist was one of the main reasons he was able to rise to the political power he did. He did a lot of naval planning for the navy. Roosevelt’s legacy as a naval strategist is linked closely to the rise of the U.S. as a great power. In college he studied the war of 1812 and did a book on the war of 1812.
Theodore Roosevelt had asthma when he was growing up. He had troubles with this because he was always so active. He also had heart problems, his heart was weaker than normal and doctors told him not to push himself but he did just that and he pushed himself to the max and stayed active. He also had myopia which limited his sighting. Without lasses he couldn 't even recognize his own sons.
In the election of 1904, Theodore Roosevelt ran against democrat Alton B. Parker. In the election, Theodore Roosevelt won by a landslide and began to serve his second term. Both nominees came from New York, Henry G. Davis was Alton 's running mate and Theodores running mate was Charles W. Fairbanks. Theodore Roosevelt won with 56.4 percent of the vote, beating Alton by a lot. Theodore had 32 states where as Alton had 13
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