How Did The Roman Empire Fall

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To many people, the mention of the Roman Empire invokes thoughts of gladiators, debauchery, and the abuse of power. To others, it brings visualizations of classical statues, beautiful temples, and mythological gods. The Roman Empire was all of that and more. The saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is true and its fall and decline happened gradually as well. Ancient Rome has inspired volumes of historical works, theatrical plays, and even movies in more recent times. More specifically, its fall and decline have fascinated people for centuries and there are harbingers who warn of current political trends that mimic Rome’s mistakes. Only a study of history could analyze the many theories for its ultimate failure. An understanding of the heights the Roman Empire reached is…show more content…
There was famine, a famous volcanic eruption at Pompey, and even plagues. People turned to different religions, one of which was Christianity. With the persecution of new Christians and death for many, the afterlife promised hope of something better. The perimeter countries that had been conquered began to find weak areas in the Empire, and after regaining some of their own strength and borrowing training methods from the Roman Army, raided Rome on two different occasions, leaving the Emperor, the Senate, and citizens living in fear (Andrews). Finally, though the reasons listed above may have contributed to weakening the Roman Empire, scholars feel that when the Emperor Diocletian divided the Empire into East and West, government was stretched too thin to manage both halves well (Andrews). Divide and conquer, another old saying goes, could have been the straw that actually broke the camel’s back and allowed hostile neighboring countries to invade Rome for the last time, ending the reign of the Western Empire in 476 C.E. Though the Eastern Empire lasted another 1000 years, it changed enough to be unrecognizable as the legendary Roman
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