How Did The Mayflower Compact Dbq

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- Before the arrival in Massachusetts, many authority figures were fearful of what may occur after they docked because of the newfound independence that the colonists had. As a result, the Mayflower Compact was formed; it was created : " order to hold the tiny band together.." (Document 3A2) In Plymouth, the colonists did not have much freedom, but in New England, things were different. The Mayflower Compact ensured that rebellion would not rise. - Although the colonists had obtained their independence and freedom, they were expected to show submission and obedience to authority figures, "... for the general good of the colony..." (Document 3A2) The government was afraid that the colonists would abuse their independence, and the colony would result to havoc, so they tried their best to avoid the worst possible outcome.…show more content…
For example, "If any man or woman...shall have or worship another God but the Lord God, he shall be put to death." (Document 3C1) The colonists were only allowed to look up to one specific God; otherwise the results would not end well. Another example of religious laws that the colonists had to follow was that they were not allowed to use the name of God in vain because the consequences of doing so would lead to death. In Document 3C1, "If any person..shall blaspheme the name of God...he shall be put to death." Many people had to be cautious of how they spoke of God because if it was interpreted wrongly by others, death was the
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