How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Society

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After the Civil War came The Industrial Revolution which brought with it change that would affect every person living in America regardless of age, race, and gender. Life as the
American people knew it would be changed forever. This paper discusses the effects the
Industrial Revolution had on the economy, politics, and society. This paper will also discuss five different groups affected by the Revolution. In addition, this paper also reviews the effects the Industrial Revolution had on the average working American.
Aspects of The Industrial Revolution One of the ways The Industrial Revolution changed society was that industrialization changed the ways in which many Americans experienced work. Before industrialization, most
Americans worked at home
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After industrialization, this changed.
Goods could now be produced in large amounts and therefore became cheaper. This meant that the typical American household were now richer in material goods than they had been before
The Industrial Revolution. Finally, Politics were also affected by the industrial Revolution. Politics were in desperate need of change, but instead of dedicating themselves to the needs of the people that were poor and the working class, they leaned more towards the interests of big businesses
(Shultz, 2014). Helping big businesses was far more lucrative for the politicians than helping poor people. Also, Politicians began to get a bad reputation. This reputation came from them helping their friends, giving contracts to people who supported them politically, and also from accepting bribes (Shultz, 2014).
The Industrial Revolution and its effect on the people The Industrial Revolution transformed the United States from a rural nation in which most people were farmers to a country in which manufacturing in big cities now dominated
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