How Did The Haitian Revolution Influence The French Revolution

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A. Plan of Investigation
The investigation evaluates to what degree the French Revolution ideas influence the actions made in the Haitians Revolution in 1791. The ideas of the French Revolution are significant to the actions done in the Haitian Revolution because, it determines the origins of success that allowed for the independence of Haiti to become official. Between the years of 1789 to 1799, The French Revolution was in action. The tactics and expectations created by the leaders of the French Revolution were the ideas and actions that initiated and created ideas that were made during the Haitian Revolution. The Haitian Revolution began in the mist of the French Revolution in 1791, not ending until 1804. To signify the importance of the
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The French Revolution began in the year 1789. The French Revolution began due to the conflicts of the French government and it did not end until the peace treaties were signed by the leader Napoleon Bonaparte. The French Revolution has been said to be divided into two phases: The Liberal Phases and Radical Phase. The When the French people began to be concerned and aggravated with the issue of voting and reaching an agreement, on June 17, 1789 the Third Estate declared itself as the National Assembly. Three days after to this declaration, an event called the Tennis Court Oath took place where no one was able to leave the tennis court that they all assembles to because the National Assembly was determined to create a new Constitution for France. As they feared the military power of the king, the National Assembly demonstrated their power of mob violence with the Storming of Bastille. “The Bastille was a big prison that imprisoned many Nobles of France” (Bouchtler), and other enemies that were from other parts of Europe. The middle class were much of the National Assembly and they “were tired of paying all the loads of taxes and not getting a single penny in return to keep” (Bouchtler) for themselves. As the civilians started marching closer and closer to the Bastille, the guards started to set open fires into the crowds, believing that they were protesting for violence. The start of the Radical Phase is the phase that begins the bloodshed of the French Revolution. This begins with the economic problem that the working people continued to realize. The rapid inflation and laissez-faire policies of the Revolution angered the working people which were known as sans culottes. On April 20th 1792, France declared war on Austria-Hungary, convinced and dominated by the Girondins that was under the leadership of Jacques-Pierre Brissot. (Schneid) Brissot 's objectives
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