How Did The Great Leap Forward By Mao Zedong

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Mao Zedong was born on December 26, 1893 to a peasant family in the province of Hunan China. As a child Mao loved reading books, ironically books involving rebellion. He would constantly clash with his teachers who taught him Confucianism. Mao was not the average Chinese boy either. He refused to show traditional respect to his father that was expected of him as a Chinese son. Mao’s parents hoped that by making an arranged marriage for Mao would allow him to mature. Mao however despised his first wife which led him to detest arranged marriages. At the age of sixteen Mao left home and went to Changsha the capital of Hunan to finish his elementary schooling. During his schooling Mao was introduced to the works of Marxism and communism (“Biographical…show more content…
It would be better for the plan to be called, “The Great Leap Backwards.” Mao’s goal during the Great Leap Forward was to industrialize China. The general line of the Great leap forward was:
To carry out the technological and cultural revolution simultaneously with the socialist revolution on the political and ideological fronts; to develop of heavy industry and agriculture simultaneously with priority development of heavy industry; to develop central and local industries simultaneously under central leadership, overall planning and in coordination; and to develop large, medium and small enterprises simultaneously. To build socialism, faster, better and more economically by exerting efforts to the utmost and pressing ahead consistently. (Suyin,
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The chaos reached its peak in the summer of 1967. Even the great leaders of the PRC which included Mao, his Wife, and Lin Biao the vice-chairman saw the destruction and violence of the revolution was getting way out of control. They decided that they way to solve this violence was to have the masses start focusing on studying the works of Mao instead of just having everyone going around killing each other. Different types of committees were made to bring restoration to the violence and even though the destruction was over the Cultural Revolution was not. People who did not support the revolution were still sent to camps in the countryside to learn the ways of Mao, although this really meant that they were being tortured and killed if they didn’t support Mao (Lamb).
By 1969 China was looking for a new leader. Mao was seventy-six years old and couldn’t dictate a country to his full ability. Lin Biao was named his successor. Mao however did not want Lin to be his successor so he changed the constitution so that Lin would not be the next leader. In 1971 the communist party accused Lin of attempted to assassinate Mao, and Lin ended up fleeing China on an airplane with his family. Sadly, the plane crashed and killed everyone on board. Lin would go down as a traitor in Chinese history (“Biographical and
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