How Did The Boston Tea Party Impact The American Revolution

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The time period around the American Revolution and after saw great changes happening in the world. On ones side of the Earth you have a group of colonies about to engage in a war in order to earn their freedom from Great Britain and create a new nation. A building block of frustration toward the war took place on the night of December 16, 1773, where a group of colonist decided they wanted to get back on Great Britain for the newly imposed tax on tea. Along with this later comes one of the most influential works of literature the Declaration of Independence. On the other side of the world and about 60 years later you had the first print of Hokusai’s The Great Wave. One of the most well-known images that has been printed on anything from shower curtains to cars. An image that can be seen from a different perspective depending on where you come from. In this paper I will explain just how impactful the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence, and The Great Wave have been on the world. The Boston Tea Party was an enthusiastic showing of how upset the…show more content…
A couple of other instances where the British imposed high taxes on commodities happened in France as well as in India (howstuffworks). The French Revolution seemed to almost mirror the American Revolution in how the British were attempting to exert complete control over the French and they had finally had enough. Whereas, a war wasn’t the result the non-violent protests that occurred during the salt marches, it too was influenced by The Boston Tea Party. Also, as a result of the Tea Act the East India Company had become a monopoly. Later on in America’s history the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was signed, which made it illegal for monopolies to form. Overall, the impact from The Boston Tea Party can be seen throughout not only US History but the world’s

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