How Did Nelson R. Rockefeller Create New Drug Laws?

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1603 words

On January 3, 1973 Governor Nelson R. Rockefeller first proposed to create new drug laws that would help fight the current war on drugs that was taking over New York City. Rockefeller proposed to sentence anyone who committed a level A-1 felony, which is the highest level, would be sentence to minimum 15 years to life in prison. There was much controversy on these laws. Some were happy that a stand was finally being made; they wanted the streets to be cleaned of drugs. Others saw it as a racism tactic, to put all African Americans and Hispanics behind bars. In the end these new drug laws went into effect on May 8 1973 and were named after Rockefeller himself, Rockefeller drug laws. In the beginning of Life on The Outside, readers are introduced to Elaine Bartlett. She is a 26 year old woman, who lives in the projects and working …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that governor nelson r. rockefeller proposed to create new drug laws that would help fight the current war on drugs that was taking over new york city.
  • Introduces elaine bartlett in life on the outside, a 26-year-old woman who lives in the projects and works off the books to support herself and her four children.
  • Narrates how lora tucker convinced elaine to apply for clemency for the second time after 13 years in prison. randy credico listened to her story and vowed to help.
  • Narrates how elaine's 16th year at bedford hills was a step in the right direction, but there was so much more she would face and have to overcome.
  • Analyzes how elaine's struggle to find a job was not her only problem. she believed she had already paid for her crime, but continued to follow the protesting and randy.
  • Describes how elaine and nathan were convicted of a level a-1 felony and were sentenced to life and 25 years in jail.

This was finally a step in the right direction but there was so much more Elaine would face and have to overcome. Not only would she have to be on parole for a minimum of three years, she’d have to find employment, and she’d have to find a way to fix her broken family. Coming out of prison proved to be more difficult then Elaine had first thought. She realized that just how she pretended her kids had also pretended, they were all falling apart living in a run down apartment, doing drugs, in jail, or on the brink of a breakdown. Elaine thought it was her job to fix her family, start fresh with her children. Even bigger Elaine wanted to continue on with Randy and change the laws that had caused her and her family such heartache. While looking for work and fighting for a way for her family to get better housing arrangements, she would attend protest, rallies, and anything else were her voice would be heard. Elaine would share her story so that others could understand how affected society was by these drastic

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