How Did Moses Influence Society

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I chose to write my paper on the Jewish religious leader, the prophet Moses. Moses was a great leader, prophet, Hebrew liberator, lawgiver, historian, and role model to Christians, Jews, and even Catholics. He is still praised for his impact in the Jewish community and culture and his influence on modern America. Moses was born in a time that was very hard on the Israelite people or Hebrew slaves.
At that time the Pharaoh ordered all male children born to the Hebrew slaves were to be drowned in order to slow the growth of the Hebrew people. Moses’s mother hid him for three months but couldn’t hide him any longer. His mother put him in a basket almost like a little ark and placed him in the river where Pharaoh's daughter bathed. The Pharaoh’s
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“In every generation, from William Bradford through Barack Obama, Americans have seen Moses as their prophet, the leader who gives them direction.” Many of the world’s revolutions are credited the influence of Moses, his miracles, and freeing his people. Many say he created, formed, or even shaped the American judicial system.
In the American society, our laws are based around the Ten Commandments that God gave unto Moses. He is even sculpted beautifully on our Supreme Court building. “In fact, some argue that it is because the Founders were faith-keepers navigated by their religious beliefs and scriptures, that they desired to create a land where men would be considered equal, and, equally free.” All the same teachings that we all believe and practice even in our modern time.
In conclusion, Moses the proud Jewish prophet did a lot for his people and his faith. He was a man who wasn’t blessed to have a miraculous birth like many other heroes, but there is no denial that he was blessed from birth. His story has influenced people around the world and not only in his religion. His story and his teachings are practiced by many around the world even through modern times. Its even arguable that he is a founding father to the United States. Moses the great Jewish leader and Israelite profit, the man who molded our great Christian nation. How
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