How Did Miles Davis Contribute To Jazz

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My research paper is about Miles Davis’ personal life and his contributions to jazz. Miles Davis played a major role in the expansion in jazz with his music that he had produced. Davis helped produce and expand the different genres of jazz as well as train young talented musicians into successful artists in the field of jazz today. Davis not only shaped jazz into different forms and styles, but he also introduced jazz music to music listeners who were not a fan of jazz. From an early childhood, Davis was already interested in music and ready to help change the world of jazz. Davis was first introduced to the trumpet when he was just a teenager. Just like most other kids, “Davis grew up in a supportive middle-class household, where he was…show more content…
“Davis worked on developing the improvisational style that defined his trumpet playing” ( Davis made music in several jazz eras and had a major influence on jazz eras such as bebop, hard bop and even fusion. Davis was not always an amazing player. For example, when he was playing in Charlie Parker’s band, Davis had many technical difficulties. Davis had issues such as playing too tentatively, finding the right pace, and performing powerful solos at the beginning, but that all changed after experience and time performing on stage. After playing with Parker’s band, Davis gained experience and confidence in his own music and performance which lead to him organizing a nine piece band with instruments such as the French horn, trombone and tuba, which became a major addition to modern jazz. This band then released the album “Birth of the Cool” ( This was major because not only did Davis form a band with unique types of instrumentation, he even released a successful album with this band which influenced other artists that other instrumentation can be used in jazz music at the time. During this time period, Davis also went to Europe to perform at the Paris Jazz festival in 1949. By performing in other countries, Davis was able to spread his personal style of jazz and the style of jazz that he learned in New York to other parts of the world during his performance in Europe. With this performance…show more content…
Davis had to deal with racial inequality for a little bit of his life. With these issues Davis focused his music towards African Americans rather than to all audiences. Davis “… ranted so much about race and prejudice” (Broeske). Davis struggled with racial inequality which could have been an issue such has getting record labels and other personal issues, but despite these conflicts, Davis was still able to get labels to record his music. Davis still made a very successful music career other than his side note with drugs, which many listeners still disliked about him. Even with these issues, Davis led a successful career while learning as an acquaintance, teaching young musicians, and help expand the music in the jazz
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