How Did Martin Luther King Encourage The Beauty Of Nature

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In the world's past there has been many leaders that have helped the world through tough times or great battles. Martin Luther King Jr. pioneered the freedom of segregation from blacks and Albert Bierstadt brought the beauty of nature to the human eye that was clouded by industrialization and expansion. While King Jr. ended segregation and Bierstadt helped start one of the first national parks King Jr. did so with his speeches and nonviolent marches and Bierstadt with his beautiful paintings. Martin Luther King Jr’s passion and consistency of pursuing his dream that whites and blacks would get along and with his dream he helped create a better world. On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech that will have made this world what it is. King’s speech inspired people that skin color…show more content…
Albert Bierstadt was a student at The Hudson River School. He had colleagues that also wanted to make a difference and preserve nature. Albert painted panoramic pictures of beautiful sceneries across the United States. Albert thought if he showed humankind the true beauty of nature they would not destroy it. Citizens of the United States were clouded by the vision of expanding west and building a bigger country and they forgot that we were not the first ones here. They forgot that what we were doing was hurting nature. Bierstadt’s paintings brought this to wealthy citizens attention. When people wanted to buy his beautiful paintings they realized that this beauty of nature that once was magnificent is now gone because of industrialization. Alberts movement on preserving nature lead to the first of many national parks that preserve nature for its true
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