How Did Marcus Garvey Influence Society

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506 words

Marcus Garvey is known most as the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), which was to get African American’s ready to leave. He wanted them all to return to their “mother land”. Garvey believed that everyone should be in their correct homeland. Garvey also believed in unity of all Negros as a whole, working together. He wanted to better all living and economical condition for the African American race. His views differed from many other African American leaders. Which caused his to be an outcast amongst them. His beliefs and acts is what made him so controversial.
Marcus just like other African American leaders wanted better for the Negro race. The thing that stood out the most was the fact he went about it differently. Marcus …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that marcus garvey was the founder of the universal negro improvement association (unia), which was to get african american’s ready to leave. he believed in unity of all negros as a whole.
  • Analyzes how marcus, like other african american leaders, wanted better for the negro race. he spoke to white supremacy groups because he believed in purity of both the black and white races.
  • Explains that earl little, the father of malcolm x, was a committed orderly for marcus's u.n.i.a.

at the headquarters in Harlem New York. Earl’s task as a worker for Marcus Garvey was to raising the awareness of the black-race purity and encouraging the Negro population to return to the native land. The UNIA holds its first international convention of the Negro people of the world, and adopts is national flag with colors red, black, and green. Garvey is also elected president of Africa. Earl gave sermons about Marcus Garvey’s ideas to his congregations. Earl encouraged Marcus’s ideas in a positive way. Some people believed that Marcus’s ideas and views where negative and would cause an uproar in Negro community. Some would fear that Negros all around would start causing trouble and things would get to far out of hand. Marcus was so controversial because he believed different and wasn’t afraid to express his opinion by any means necessary. He started it by himself and held it together for three years before he gained enough members to form a whole branch. Marcus like most wanted the best mostly or his people but in the same for wanted everybody

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