How Did Louis Armstrong Contribute To Jazz

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Louis Armstrong, a New Orleans native, was always interested in music. He first started to play music at a local tavern. Then after being put in a boy’s military reform school, he began to play in the band. King Oliver was one of Armstrong idols. Louis Armstrong played a major role in history by helping develop many styles that help shape the previous and current Jazz.
Mr. Armstrong had many of talents such as singing, film star, comedian, and being a bandleader. Although he was blessed with many talent, he left an outstanding imprint on Jazz. Louis Armstrong was the first person to bring jazz out of New Orleans and spread it all over the world. His unique technique show different characteristics on a trumpet. For example, in 1922 Louis started to put his style into jazz whenever he joined King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band. The way he improvised shocked all sorts of musicians because he was able to improvise a perfect harmony part, no matter how anyone played it.
Armstrong could also start improvising while the tune was still playing. This opened many doors for musicians everywhere and it is still going on today. During 1925 to 1928 Louis made some recordings with many musicians. He called the group Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five. These recording prepared the art of solo improvisation. A lot of people viewed this as the start of traditional Jazz. They also laid the groundwork for the swing era. Some of these recording were Muskrat Ramble, Sweet Little Papa, The King of Zulus, and Fireworks.
Louis Armstrong developed a way of playing as, as an instrumentalist and a vocalist. He was also know for giving Jazz scat singing. Scat singing is the technique of using nonsense syllables to imitate the sound of a horn with the human voice....

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... wasn’t for him there wouldn’t’ be any of us.

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