How Did Julius Caesar Affect the City of Rome?

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How Julius Caesar affected the city of Rome is the question I will be answering in this research paper. I have collected information on the former emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar from a multitude of sources. I myself have information to prove my four points in the research paper that I am about to type. I have looked up information in books and articles. The information I have found will be dealing with a wide variety of issues concerning the city of Rome during the reign of Julius Caesar. Subjects such as technology will be discussed. Topics such as warfare and politics will be talked a lot about as well. Historical matters will be discussed as well. All the questions you probably have about the subject I am going to answer. Discussions about how Julius Caesar affected the militant affairs of Rome will be talked about as well. Overall the performance of Julius Caesar on the battle field will be discussed. Also his career in politics was one of the prime reasons he was as successful as a leader of the city of Rome during his great reign. My goal in this research paper is to bring these four points to your attention as you read this paper.
To achieve this goal, I have organized my research paper into four specific sections throughout the said paper. In the first section I will be providing an insightful look into the politics of Rome during that time. In the second section of the research paper, I will be providing an economic outlook on the outcome of the economy at that time during Julius Caesar’s reign. In doing so I will be discussing all of the previous topics I have claimed I will be talking about. Two books will be referred to as I explain how Julius Caesar affected Rome.
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