How Did Josephine Baker Overcome Discrimination

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Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker was an African American woman who had to overcome discrimination and abuse in achieving her dream of becoming a singer and dancer. She did this during the 1920s, when African Americans faced great discrimination. She had a hard childhood. Her personal life was not easy to handle. Furthermore, she overcame poverty and racism to achieve her career dream.
Baker had a difficult family life as a child because she was illegitimate. She was the first child of her mother. Her mother blamed her for closing the door of freedom in her life. Josephine’s family was complicated. She lived with her mother Carrie, her younger siblings, and her stepfather Arthur Martin. Josephine’s father left her mother before she was born. Because of her complicated family background, the young Josephine felt extremely insecure to the point she was ashamed of her origin. In desperation, all she wanted was her real father although she did not know anything about him, including his name or his looks. She even tried to meet different men to find out if one of them was her father. She used different
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She had hard time with her husband. When she was thirteen she was married to Willy Wells. They stayed together for two months, but Josephine never saw Willy as a significant partner as she once broke a bottle of beer on his head. She tried to forget this marriage. Fortunately, when she was fifteen years old, she married to another man who named is Billy Baker. Billy liked her when he saw her at the local theater. Then they got married, and she was happy that she was able to change her last name into Baker. For the first time, she no longer gets the insecure feeling from her last name. However, she still hasn’t got the perfect “personal life”. Billy’s mother disapproved of Josephine because her skin was darker than her husband’s and because she was a chorus girl with apparently no family to talk
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