How Did Jazz Impact Jazz Culture

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Jazz has greatly impacted American culture and has been a positive outlet for cultural diversity and free thinking. This module has focused on the evolution of jazz from the early 1910’s to the mid-1920. During this time in American culture, the separation of races was still very dominant. Since jazz music speaks of freedom of social minorities, the genre was only beginning to become popular amongst the larger population. Ragtime was developed at the turn of the century; it was an outlet for African American music. As Jazz continued to evolve in the 1920’s social conflict began to arise. Prohibition of alcohol went into effect. This affected American society and the jazz culture, crime rates began to rise, people were demanding alcohol. Music, however, was still being created, and jazz music was still impacting the era. While there were many songs to listen to in…show more content…
Scott Joplin’s performance was much different from the New Orleans Rhythm Kings version because Joplin only used the piano and the bass in his performance. The piano was the louder instrument played, with the bass enriching the sound of the piano playing constantly throughout the song. It was easier for me to hear a pattern in Joplin’s rendition of “Maple Leaf Rag”. I heard four different patterns played repeatedly, I am unfamiliar with music notes. However, it sounded like four different notes were being played over and over again, just not certain which notes were being played. In contrast the New Orleans Rhythm Kings played with more instruments and the melody seemed as if was slower than Joplin’s version. It started with no build up similar to Joplin’s and even included some piano melody with the third sequence from Joplin’s version. This second version includes more instruments like the base, trombone, and

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