How Did Jaws Aid In The Fear Of Sharks?

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Everyone knows someone who is afraid of sharks. They might even advocate for the killing of sharks when they hurt someone or wonder why they exist on the first place. Every summer, shark attacks are a hot topic. There are news articles every summer about at least one person spotting a shark close to shore, and it seems like every other summer there is a blockbuster film about surviving a shark attack. Everyone knows that sharks are predators, but not everyone knows that sharks are on the decline. This is because of many reasons such fishing, and specific shark killings. Sharks are essential to our marine ecosystems, and the continued culling of them can cause the extinction of the species as well as a devastated ecosystem within our oceans. A fear of sharks is something that has been around for ages, and…show more content…
Well, the movie Jaws showed sharks, specifically Great White Sharks, to be ravenous, blood-thirsty creatures that can exact revenge on humans. This has led people to have severe misconceptions about sharks that last through generations. In my own personal experience in volunteering at an aquarium that had sharks on display, I was constantly asked questions by small children on why sharks are evil, are these sharks mean, why aren’t the sharks attacking the other fish? Even adults asked me questions about the morality of sharks and have expressed their intense fear of the ocean because of…show more content…
People are well aware of the declining barrier reef population and the concerns connecting to that, but not many people know that sharks play a very important role in barrier reef health. According to a Canadian and Australian study, a decrease in shark populations are connected to a decrease in herbivorous fish, which are detrimental to reef health. These herbivorous fish actually eat algae off of the reefs. If there are not enough fish to eat the algae, the coral could

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