How Did Jackie Robinson Help Black People

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350 words

Jackie Robinson was famous for several different reasons, one of the biggest reasons were known to help black people around the world. Before he played baseball he was a civil rights activist and he served in the military. Jackie Robinson was known well for being the first black in the major leagues and breaking the color barrier. He opened up doors for African Americans who wanted to play baseball but couldn’t. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and when he played baseball he wasn’t a boring player he was the most upbeat, talented, and exciting player on the team. After his baseball career he was introduced into the baseball hall of fame for miraculous reasons. The people he grew up with were the same people that influenced him in. The one

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jackie robinson was famous for helping black people around the world. he was the first black in the major leagues and broke the color barrier.
  • Explains how jackie grew up with the same people who influenced him. his brother was in track and loved sports as much as jackie did.
  • Explains that most coaches didn't let him play because he was african-american. he was abused about racism from college students and other teams.
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