How Did Islam Impact The World

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Islam has impacted the world in tremendous ways. Islamic civilizations have helped shape not only the nations around them but, also those that came after them. They set a standard for how to treat the people who are being ruled and how to communicate with the peoples around them. Islamic civilizations also placed significant importance on working towards increasing ones’ knowledge and using it to help make the world a better place for all people. These advancements included making major contributions within the fields of mathematics, science, and even engineering. Some of the first surgeries were performed in the Islamic world, as well as key developments in the capability to fly. Examples such as these are only a few of the impacts Islam…show more content…
Peoples with different faiths including both Christians and Jews could live freely under Islamic rule but the same couldn’t be said around the world where persecution was widespread. No one was forced into slavery and they could live and work as they pleased, there was no need to fear being treated as less than. The abolition of slavery was a very new concept at that time, and one that would not be widespread for many more years to come. A great example of that would be in America, where slavery was rife until fairly recently. Islamic civilizations, following the guidelines presented in Islam were working from the very beginning to make their societies a safe haven for all people. Islam is a religion of peace for all, and the Islamic civilizations put in place rulings that worked towards reaching that goal. Though no civilization is without its faults, the Muslims aimed to provide the non-Muslim members of their societies with fair rights, much like the American Constitution does today. Islam as a religion is meant to be simple and clear. The teachings from the Quran, the Islamic holy book, and Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) played an important role in the Islamic civilizations. One chief philosophy is to treat others the way you want to be treated, and with this in mind leaders were able to rule with an unbiased and open mind. The Islamic civilizations commitment to Islam and its teachings is an important reason as to why Muslims shaped the world, as we know it. They set an example for the leaders to come, a sort of testimony, which supported the wisdom, Islam had to

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