How Did Immigration Affect American Immigration

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Immigration has been a huge factor in the nation of the United States of America since the conception of the country. Be it through Christopher Columbus’ journey to North America or even the current trend of immigration by many Hispanics to America. There are many different impacts that each set of peoples has brought to the States through the mixture of their own cultures as they assimilate into America’s own way of life. Many have left homes because the country they decided to leave was far too poor, dangerous, unstable, etc. Some come as children looking for safe haven, while others come as adults looking for a new way of life. Many come to America for the “American Dream” that is often thought of when thinking of beginning life in this …show more content…

You can find many of the older men who still remember living a majority of their lives in the Communist nation standing outside of Cuban coffee shops on “Calle Ocho”. Of course, “’Calle Ocho,’ Little Havana, the epicenter of the Cuban exile community, was built on strong Cuban coffee, Cuban food, Cuban music and Cuban business sense”( [C]) They each speak on the misfortunes that they have gone through and every now and then you’ll hear insults spewed at the mention of Fidel Castro and his relatives. The conversations do not just end there, however, as it spreads to the Americans and their way of life. The Cuban Americans will criticize and chastise other Cubans who have assimilated into the “American Way”. They speak Spanish in condescending tones, because many have decided not to learn how to speak English. “A majority (60%) of Cubans speak English proficiently. The other 40% of Cubans ages 5 and older report speaking English less than very well, compared with 34% of all Hispanics”( [D]). Many of these foreign critics are the ones who either do not work, or barely make ends meet. Antonio Vera has said, “It is heart breaking to see how many strong, capable, and young Cuban men go around unemployed.” He goes onto lament the reasons as to why these men do not have jobs. “They would all rather sit at home and collect welfare money and food stamps,” Antonio …show more content…

They did not come early enough to have changed the nation in the way that Asian and European immigration did in the early to mid 1800’s, yet they do contribute somewhat to their specific location. The Cuban Americans, however, have become just that in Miami, Americans who would clearly be in Cuba if it weren’t run by a government they didn’t agree with. However, they haven’t done anything to necessarily impact Miami in any negative fashion. They came to America, didn’t have a lot of money, bought the cheaper homes in cheaper areas and that’s the way it has stayed. The Cuban citizens have not tried to improve their neighborhoods, but they haven’t turned them into hazardous eyesores. The good and the bad are all there, but in the end it all seems to come out as the same thing. The affect that Cuban Americans have had on America is stuck in a proverbial grey

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that immigration has been a huge factor in the united states of america since the conception of the country.
  • Explains that certain immigrants assimilate faster than others and different immigrants may reject the ideals of their new country. antonio vera and his wife, clariver, came to the united states with their three children.
  • Describes how the brothers and parents have fully embraced the lifestyle and culture change by moving to a brand new country. they eat cuban food and enjoy the little slice of home that has been brought on by their fellow immigrants.
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