How Did Hannibal Baraca Have An Enemy Of Rome?

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Hannibal Baraca had a burning hatred for Rome. “There was no real reason for Carthage and Rome to despise of each other” (“Hannibal the Warrior”). They just had many differences. Hannibal grew up learning war tactics from his father and brother-in-law. When he was old enough he was voted army commander by popular demand. For 17 years Hannibal devoted himself to conquering Rome, who conquered Iberia, crossed the Alps, and destroyed Roman armies in Italy; yet they were defeated and lost everything (Brooks).
Hannibal Baraca was born in 247 B.C., to Hamilcar Baraca, the Carthaginian army commander from 251 B.C. to 228 B.C. As Hannibal grew older he watched his father, and his hatred for Rome, fight in the First Punic War. The First Punic War eventually came to an end after 23 years of battle. Hamilcar had to negotiate peace, and then he was only left with the choice to plan his retaliation. It is said that when Hannibal was nine years old he asked if he could join his father in the comeback against Rome. Hannibal said, “I swear to always be an enemy of Rome” (Brooks, 21). It is also said he swore this oath by placing his hand in a bowl of blood while stating to always be an enemy of Rome.
Hamilcar died in 228 B.C., when Hannibal was 19 years old. In one story it was stated he died trying to protect his sons from an unexpected attack from the chief Orissus (Brooks, 26). After Hamilcar died Hasdrubal the Fair, Hannibal’s brother-in-law, came into power. Hasdrubal wanted to get revenge for Hamilcar’s murder. That is how he started his command, by having a force more than 50,000 find chief Orissus and any of his followers and kill them. Hasdrubal continued to gain power and extended Punic’s control over Iberia. Hannibal watched a...

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...treaty stating he could only keep land in North Africa, he had to surrender all fleets, and pay a large amount of silver. He could also never declare war again without Rome’s permission ( Rome wanted to make Hannibal a prisoner because they feared he would attack again. In 183 B.C., Hannibal’s commanding came to an end when the Roman’s tried to arrest him he drank a poison, killing himself.
Throughout Hannibal’s life he worked to take down Rome. The 26 year old was chosen to be Carthaginian’s army commander by popular demand. Working to prove his unconditional hatred for Rome he led the Carthaginian army through The Second Punic War. Unfortunately, after investing 17 years toward the take down of Rome he was defeated. He lost the war and everything along with it. After running from the Romans Hannibal committed suicide by drinking poison in 183 B.C.
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