How Did Edgar Allan Poe Inspired By Misfortune

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Edgar Allan Poe; Inspired by Misfortune Where is the line drawn between a genius and a madman? The more one delves into the works of Edgar Allen Poe, the more the line seems to blur. Any reader, if they examine a number of Poe 's pieces, will observe a reoccurring theme; throughout his works, there is a similar element of death and macabre. However, despite the depravity and misfortune in his works and his life, Edgar Allen Poe was perhaps the most prominent and profound authors of his time, and he is highly regarded for his intricate poetry and horrifying stories that have both captured and enthralled readers for ages. Edgar Allen Poe used his literary works to alleviate the stress of his own reality. In The Black Cat and Annabel Lee,…show more content…
His first prelude to drinking was thought to to have taken place in 1826, as he attended the University of Virginia. (eapoe) Like his peers, no longer subject to the influence of parents and figures of direct authority, many of the young men there succucumbed to the pastimes of wild living. Many of the regular issues included drinking, pistol fighting, and gambling. Poe was not immune from these temptations. In 1880, one of Poe’s classmates, Thomas Goode Tucker, recalled that Poe “. . . would seize a full glass, without water or sugar, and send it home at a single gulp. This frequently used him up; but if not, he rarely returned to the charge” (Edgar Allan Poe, Drugs, and…show more content…
Annnabel Lee is a poem of two lovers, in their own world, living a perfect life. This poem reflects Poe 's own pain, in which Annabel Lee dies, and her lover is heartbroken. "And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side, of my darling--my darling--my life and my bride" (Annabel Lee) In his final, concluding words, the narrator finishes the poem in a light and sanguine tone as he explains calmly that he sleeps every night beside her tomb on the seashore. This detail reveals the extent of his obession upon her memory and causes one to imagine that his largely sweet and innocent account of pure love actually harbors an unstable mind. Even though she is dead, he still cannot let go of her memory. This poem reflects Poe himself, his life, and his loss of a loved

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