How Did Civilization Influence Western Civilization

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Michelle Izaguirre
Evolution of Western Civilization
September 23, 2014 The Classical Mediterranean civilization of Greece and Rome inspired the Western civilization through their politics, laws, philosophical teachings, and their ability to respond to environmental challenges. Our sense of debt to the Greco-Roman history and political achievements reverberated in later history. The Greek and Roman precedents undoubtedly influenced the framers of the American Constitution, as did philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle, who’ve influenced people to challenge the “accepted ways.” After the decline of the Greek city-states, Rome assumed leadership by preserving most of Greek achievements and dominating in language and law. Both Greek and Roman societies shared many political ideas, artistic styles, and developed similar economic structures. Nonetheless, both civilizations were very successful who founded institutions and cultural systems that would wield influence after the classical period ended. Despite the immense influence both
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Latifunida’s conquered new lands and began to operate large farms with the help of slaves lead small farmers bankrupt and out of business. This caused cracks in the economic system of Rome. The range of the Roman Empire was massive and there wasn’t enough money to cover all boundaries and pay the military. Taxes began to rise and the people refused to pay high taxes it left cracks in our military and maintenance on public buildings. Lastly, in its peak Rome had over one million people living in its cities due to unemployment and were all taken care of by bread and circuses (welfare). The decline of the Roman Empire was then based on ten theories the invasion of barbarians, environmental impact, excessive military spending, inferior technology, inflation, political corruption, rise in Christianity, unemployment, and urban
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